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A holistic approach to  transformative data Insights


Access visualised data analytics that guide your executive, leaders, and managers through a unique and illuminating data journey. 

Powerful insights that support transformative decision making


See how BetterHR’s SHAPE Employee Engagement Survey helps leaders and decision makers

improve productivity through their single most important asset, their people.

SHAPE - Exec Icon

For Executives & Senior Business Leaders


Executives gain a comprehensive and wholistic view across the 4 dimensions and 12 explorers of organisational success. Using over 250 data points, the SHAPE survey gives business leaders visualised data insights into how the whole company is performing, and a deep insights in to areas in need of focus.

For Managers


The reports from the SHAPE survey supports managers with employee communication and engagement. The instant reporting provides a structured approach to assessing teams on how they’re performing across each of the 12 explorers, and offers platform for transformative change.

SHAPE - Manager Icon
SHAPE - Manager Icon

For Employees


The SHAPE Survey provides employees with a personalized, confidential, and private view of their own scores and performance across the 4 key dimensions of success and 12 explorers. Empowering them with insights for self reflection and introspection to elevate their own performance.

Common workplace scenarios that

point to need for an

Employee Engagement Survey

Partially Engaged
or Disengaged Employees

“Employee engagement, and therefore productivity and output isn’t as high OR have dropped, and we can’t pinpoint why.”

Operational Challenges

“I have a gut feel or instinct about the source of existing problems in the way we operate, but I can’t be definite or certain about the source of the problem.”

Organisational misalignment 

“I have a gut feel or instinct about the source of existing problems in the way we operate, but I can’t be definite or certain about the source of the problem.”

Know your people


Are your employees satisfied with their jobs? Are they collaboratively engaged with their team members and key stakeholders? How committed are they to the company’s mission and goals?

With SHAPE, you’ll be able a clear answer on each of these questions through visualised data reports. 

How committed are your people?


With the SHAPE Survey, you’ll be able to measure just how committed or how much they ‘buy-in’ to their roles, their team goals, and the mission of the organisation.  


The 12 Explorers circumplex. Visualised data that gives you a powerful big picture.


 BetterHR’s SHAPE Employee Engagement Survey is the most comprehensive employee survey available. It covers every important aspect that underpins individual, team, and company performance so you get the complete picture. With the instant report, you’ll be able to dive deep in to each of the 12 explorers and clearly diagnose areas of improvement. With this comprehensive survey, you’ll be able to take decisive action with certainty.


An easy to deploy Employee Engagement Survey

A simplified survey that can be completed in under 30 minutes,

whilst collecting hundreds of data points that provide visualised data and actionable insights in to your workplace.

Get the comprehensive insights you need for transformative decision making. 


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General Manager Operations

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Time is MONEY! Better HR and their HR advice streamlines our processes & offers piece of mind. We are compliant & up to date at all times


AIM Bookkeeping Consultants

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Small cost for peace of mind.


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