HR & Employment Law Advice

Better HR provides practical HR and employment law advice to help you hire, pay, manage and exit workers.

All business owners and managers need access to good HR and employment law advice.

Hiring the wrong workers can cost you thousands in lost productivity and recruitment costs.

Unfair hiring processes can expose you to expensive candidate claims.

Underpaying workers can expose you to damaging “wage theft” accusations and expensive back-pay orders.

Failure to terminate workers lawfully can cost you thousands in unfair dismissal costs.

Australia has some of the most complex employment laws in the world.

Fair Work Inspectors have the power to enter a workplace at any time to check for compliance with Australian employment laws.

Employers risk on-the-spot fines, court ordered penalties and damaging employee claims if they fail to meet their legal obligations under Australian employment laws.

It’s critical that business owners and managers get accurate HR and employment law advice on:

  • Minimum Pay Rates
  • Penalty Rates & Overtime
  • National Employment Standards
  • Modern Awards
  • Fair Work Act
  • Fair Work Regulations
  • Fair Work Inspectors & Audits
  • Right to Work
  • Termination & Dismissals
  • Redundancies
  • Employee Entitlements
  • Mandatory Record-Keeping
  • Timesheets & Payslips
  • Sexual Harassment & Bullying
  • Defending Employee Claims
  • Fair Work Representation
  • And more!

How Better HR helps:

Better HR employ a friendly team of qualified and experienced HR and employment law experts.

Delivered via an affordable annual subscription, Better HR provide a range of advice options to meet your business needs and budget.

Phone Advice

For urgent HR and employment law advice we offer support by phone via our HR Advice Hotline.

Email Advice

For non-urgent HR and employment law advice, or sensitive advice you need in-writing, we offer support by email via our secure HR software.

Dedicated HR Advisor & Virtual HR Representative Via Video Conferencing

For customers who need higher levels of HR and employment law advice, and support, our HR Platinum level subscription includes a dedicated HR advisor and virtual HR representative via video conferencing.

Email Alerts & Newsletters

To keep all subscribers informed and up to date about important changes to Australian employment laws and Modern Awards we send a monthly newsletter and email alerts as needed.

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