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HR Advice for employers


Get the HR advice you need to manage people with confidence and ensure compliance with Australian employment laws.

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tick Experienced HR/employment law experts


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Highly Experienced

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HR Advice Hotline


Our HR Advice Hotline helps you get answers to HR and employment law questions. When you want it quickly or need to manage a time sensitive matter.

Our team of HR and employment law experts are available between 9am and 5pm (AEST) on any business day.

To access the service, simply subscribe to BetterHR and have your customer details ready when you call.

Our HR Advice Hotline service is included in HR Professional and above.


BHR Consult
BHR - Advice - Pay Rate

HR Advice Online


Our HR advice online service helps you get answers to your HR and employment law questions. When you need the protection of written advice.

Our team of HR and employment law experts will respond to your enquiry by email within 2 business days. But often a lot sooner.

To access the service, simply subscribe to BetterHR and use your customer details to login to your BetterHR account. Then complete the relevant form in the ADVICE section.

  • Modern Award Coverage Enquiry
  • Pay Rates Enquiry
  • Poor Work Conduct and Performance Enquiry
  • Redundancy Enquiry
  • Long Service Leave Enquiry
  • And more!

Our HR Advice Online service is included in HR Essential and above.


Help for business owners & managers, delivered by qualified & experienced HR and employment law professionals


Have peace of mind knowing you have direct access to qualified and experienced HR professionals and employment lawyers. With BetterHR, you get quick answers to your question, as well as comprehensive guidance on complex matters. The advice you receive will be tailored to your unique business circumstances and workplace, as well as being aligned with industry best practice.


tick   HR advice tailored to your unique business

tick   Access to highly experienced Employment Lawyers

tick   Rely on knowledgeable and certified HR Experts

tick   Trusted for over 15 years

BHR Consult
BHR - Advice - Pay Rate

Pay Rates, get clarity and certainty
that you’re paying staff correctly.


Have certainty that your employees are on the correct pay rate/award rate. With BetterHR you’ll no longer have any doubt about whether your full or part time employees are on the correct pay rate, the correct overtime and penalty rates.

We’ll help demystify the complexity, and ensure that your business is aligned with terms and conditions of employment as set out by the Modern Award, and on top of the National Employment Standards (NES).

Why get generic advice, when you can receive comprehensive advice tailored to your business


Access experienced employment lawyers & HR consultants, for help and guidance on areas such as employment contracts, company policies, workplace investigations, employee claims and  disputes,  as well as mediation and settlement agreements.

We represent Employers, and provide expert advice on navigating the complex issues and sensitive situations in the workplace, all whilst keeping them compliant with the law.


tick     Employee & Workplace issues

tick     Fair Work help for Business Owners

tick     Tailored to your business

BHR - About Us - Promise

We’re here to support you.

 Over 15 years of experience.

BHR - Compliance Check Section

Meet your workplace obligations with

comprehensive HR Compliance & Audits


Stay ahead of your workplace legal obligations with our compliance checks and audits.

BetterHR can provide compliance checks and comprehensive audits to identify any issues. We’ll then work closely with you each step of the way, to ensure you become compliant and free from potential risks.

Meticulously conducted by our team of certified HR experts and experienced Employment Lawyers, your ‘HR Compliance Check’ will include:

tick   An introductory call to discuss information we need for your ‘HR Compliance Check’

tick   A phone or virtual consultation with a qualified HR and employment law expert to review your business and determine compliance levels

tick   A written report outlining compliance levels, areas of concern/non-compliance, and recommended solutions

Expert advisors at your side for Terminations, Redundancies & Restructuring


Evolving your team and workforce can be a challenging task, not just in relation to your business strategy, but also to obligations set out by Australian Employment Law. Handling employee terminations and redundancies isn’t easy. These are challenging times , and our highly experienced advisers can help clarify your options, and provide the personalised service and tailored advice you need.

Get clear guidance from us on:

tick   Managing redundancies

tick   Business restructuring

tick   Jobkeeper 2.0

tick   Negotiating reduced work hours

tick   Negotiating unpaid leave

BHR - Hiring - Candidates
BHR - Advice - Fair Work

Fair Work help from experienced and trusted advisers


You don’t have to manage everything on your own. Let’s us help protect your business from unfair dismissal claims, fines, Fair Work claims, General Protection claims, and lawsuits. Our team of experienced Employment Lawyers and certified HR Experts will help you pull the critical components together for a clear assessment of the situation. Then provide clarity on next steps forward.

Talk to experienced HR Consultants.

Over 10,000 happy clients.

Workplace Investigations & Mediation


Workplace investigations are complicated, often filled with potential risks and pitfalls if not managed carefully and diligently. They can be time consuming, and emotionally draining for you and your team.

BetterHR’s team of experienced Employment Lawyers and certified HR Experts are skilled at handling allegations and claims of inappropriate workplace behaviour. We are the trusted and independent third party that can assess claims, and provide mediation and conflict resolution.

BHR - Advice - Work Investigation
BHR - Customer Reviews

Why our Clients love us


Trusted for over 14 years, and with over 10,000 happy Clients, it’s no wonder many of our Clients are still with us from when we began.

We don’t just provide advice, we empower you with the HR tools and software to make the right decisions for your business.

PLUS – every year, we add more to your plan with BetterHR – this year alone we’ve added 6 new features, at no extra cost.


Hear why our Clients love us – click ‘Learn more’ below:

Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Let our customers tell you how much value they’ve received from BetterHR.



“Small cost for peace of mind.”


Vivo Cafe Group


“Better HR is absolutely priceless.”


Focus Engineering


“It gives you a sense of security.”


MSP Photography


“Delivered thousands in savings.”


Minol Australia


“It’s given us a streamlined approach and has standardised formats on ways to do things correctly.”

Captain Jan Becker

Becker Helicopters


“It’s a complete compliance system.”


Telstra Business


“Brilliant service.”



Need help with HR matters?


Talk to experienced HR consultants & employment lawyers. 



BetterHR provides HR services to employers and business owners.

If you’re an employee looking for assistance, please call the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94.





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