Virtual HR Representative Via Video Conferencing

Better HR provide a virtual HR representative service via video conferencing to help clients manage HR.

A HR representative from Better HR can be helpful for your business.

Its good to have a HR representative present at important meetings such as a disciplinary meeting or performance review if its going to be negative and the employee is in danger of getting fired. A HR representative can provide guidance on best-practice HR management and compliance with Australian employment laws. To help reduce the risks of management doing something to give the employee a case for a law suit. They can also be a witness to what was said as well.

  • Disciplinary Meetings
  • Performance Reviews
  • Reference Checking
  • Workplace Investigations
  • General Protections Claims
  • Mediations
  • And more!

How Better HR helps:

We provide flexible options to help you access the HR representative you need.

‘All-In-One HR Solution’ with built-in HR Support

Our premium HR Platinum subscription includes up to 3 hours of outsourced HR support. PLUS discounted rates on any additional bulk hours. You can use these hours to access a virtual HR representative via video conferencing.

This is the best option for clients who want ongoing HR support.

HR Shop

Our HR Shop helps you access one-off HR tools and advice at affordable prices.

This is the best option for clients who want one-off HR support.