HR Letter Wizard

Better HR includes a dynamic 'Letter Wizard' to help you quickly and easily create fully-compliant, and best-practice, HR correspondence.

Compliant HR letters are important to help document important employee correspondence and protect your business.

The way your business handles HR and compliance with Australian employment laws can have a big impact on your employee satisfaction and, in turn, your bottom line.

Keeping good HR documentation is vital. As it acts as ‘proof’ if there is ever an employee claim, audit or inspection by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

The foundation of a successful business is good HR documentation and records.

How Better HR helps:

Better HR’s dynamic ‘Letter Wizard’ helps you create best-practice HR correspondence quickly and easily..

  • All templates that have been developed, and are kept up to date and compliant, by Australian HR and employment law experts
  • Employee details are automatically added from personnel files to save you time
  • Quickly customise your letters using the built-in WYSIWYG editor
  • Seemlesly email your letters to workers online (Save time printing, posting, scanning, etc)
  • Automatically save a copy of all letters to your HR records and the worker’s personnel file to ensure compliance with your record-keeping obligations

Delivered via an affordable annual subscription, Better HR provide different HR letter templates to meet your needs and budget. HR letter templates can include:

  • Abandonment of Employment Letter
  • Acceptance Of Resignation Letter
  • Agreement to Annual Leave in Advance
  • Agreement to Cash Out Annual Leave
  • Annualised Salary Arrangement
  • Annualised Salary Letter
  • Approval of extension of parental leave
  • Bank Account Details for Payroll
  • Bonus Letter
  • Casual Conversion Template
  • Certificate of Service
  • Confirmation of changes to existing role
  • Confirmation Of New Role Letter
  • Confirmation of no changes to existing role
  • Confirmation Of Verbal Warning Letter
  • Direction to Take Excessive Annual Leave
  • Disciplinary meeting request to discuss performance or conduct
  • Employee Personnel Details – Check Manual
  • Employee Personnel Details – Check Manual
  • Employee Personnel Details – Check via Employee App or Portal
  • Employee Personnel Details – Check via Employee Portal
  • Employee Superannuation Standard Choice Form
  • Employee Tax File Number Declaration
  • Employment Offer Letter – Award-Covered Employee
  • Employment Offer Letter – EA Covered Employee
  • Fair Work Information Statement – Confirmation
  • Full Time Hours of Work Agreement or Variation
  • Gardening Leave Letter
  • Guarantee Of Annual Earnings Letter
  • Jobkeeper Agreement Request 2.0 – Eligible Employer
  • Jobkeeper Agreement Request 2.0 – Legacy Employer
  • Jobkeeper Enabling Direction 2.0 – Eligible Employer
  • Jobkeeper Enabling Direction 2.0 – Legacy Employer
  • Jobkeeper Enabling Direction Notification 2.0 – Eligible Employer
  • Jobkeeper Enabling Direction Notification 2.0 – Legacy Employer
  • Jobkeeper Nomination Form 1 Aug 2020
  • Jobkeeper Notification To End Jobkeeper.docx
  • Lengthy Absence From Work Letter
  • Medical Opinion – Employee Release Letter
  • Medical Opinion – Request from GP Letter
  • New Employee Welcome Letter
  • Notice Of Employee Representational Rights Letter
  • Notice of requirement to take annual leave for purpose of close down
  • Part-time Transfer Template
  • Payrise Approval Letter
  • Payrise Refusal Letter
  • Probationary review meeting request
  • Redundancy Consultation About Major Workplace Change Letter
  • Redundancy Redeployment Letter
  • Refusal of extension of parental leave
  • Repayment Of Overpayment Agreement
  • Response to a request for flexible working arrangements
  • Right to request casual conversion letter
  • Show Cause Letter – Incapacity/Failure to perform the inherent requirements of your job
  • Show Cause Letter – Misconduct/Serious Misconduct/Poor Performance
  • Stand Down On Full-Pay Due to Pending Investigation
  • Stand Down On Full Pay – Pending Full Medical Clearance
  • Stand Down On No-Pay Due to Section 524 of the Fair Work Act
  • Successful Completion of Probation Letter
  • Temporary Higher Duties Letter
  • Termination of Employment by Reasons of Redundancy
  • Termination of Employment Letter – With Notice
  • Termination of Employment – Unsuccessful Completion of Probationary Period
  • Termination of Employment Letter – Without Notice – Summary Dismissal
  • Training Repayment Agreement
  • Unsuccessful Candidate Letter
  • Volunteer/Unpaid Internship Agreement
  • Written Warning Letter – Final
  • Written Warning Letter – First or Second
  • Written Warning Letter – Misconduct
  • Written Warning Letter – Under-Performance
  • And more