About Us

BetterHR is a leading Australian HR and employment law solutions provider.

Our promise to you

We make HR and compliance easier for Australian business owners and managers. By providing the essential HR tools and expert advice that every business needs to manage people with confidence.

As trusted advisers we see ourselves as expert guides working along side our Clients, partnering with them on their HR journey, helping them reach a state of ‘better HR’.


Our values

  • Service – We’re always putting our Client’s needs first
  • Adaptive & Innovative – We’re continually improving our HR tools and advice, and staying ahead of legal developments and changes
  • Experts – We’re experts aiming to simplify the complex for our Clients


Our mission

We help Australian business owners and managers operate successfully by providing HR tools and advice to help businesses with people management.

Our all-in-one subscriptions give customers the ability to leverage expert guidance in areas that can be complex.

We work with our customers to make people management simple, affordable, and straightforward.

Sean Wilson
Chief Executive Officer


We help you operate successfully

BetterHR helps you maximise workforce productivity. Ensure compliance with Australian employment laws. Avoid fines, penalties and employee claims.

Over 10,000 Happy Clients

BetterHR has helped over 10,000 business owners and managers.

Since 2006, BetterHR helped over 10,000 businesses like yours – and we’ve never lost a claim!

Success stories | Customer testimonials

Over 13 Years of Success

BetterHR has high levels of insurance cover and in over 13 years of operation we have never had an insurance claim or infringement.

Easy to use. Quick to setup.

BetterHR can have you up and running in minutes with an affordable annual subscription to meet your business needs and budget.

Experts in HR & Employment Law

BetterHR employ a friendly team of qualified HR and employment law experts to provide the best HR tools and advice to help our clients.

We help you save time & money

BetterHR provides cost-effective HR tools and advice. To help you automate important people management tasks and capture mandatory employee records to meet your legal obligations. We also keep your HR tools up-to-date as Australian laws change.

Australian Owned & Operated

BetterHR is built by Australian HR and employment law experts to help Australian business owners and managers.

High Staff Retention

Over 50% of our professional staff have over 7 years service with Better HR.

We help big and small business

BetterHR helps clients of all sizes, across a large range of industries, including business, government and not for profit sectors.

Ultra-High Security Protection

Your valuable data is secure and well protected in BetterHR’s cloud-based software. Find out more >


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Trusted by hundreds of successful businesses every day

Our clients say

"Small cost for peace of mind."


Vivo Cafe Group

"Time is MONEY! Better HR and their HR advice streamlines our processes & offers piece of mind. We are compliant & up to date at all times"


AIM Bookkeeping Consultants

"It's like having my own HR department 24/7 - peace of mind I can afford. I feel a lot safer. It's simple and the documents are constantly updated. I've found it be excellent."

Chris Baker

General Manager Operations

"As MD of a major retail business, I rely on experts to ensure our business runs smoothly... Better HR's HR expertise means my business is in the best possible hands. I wouldn't be without them."



"Better HR is absolutely priceless."


Focus Engineering