BetterHR’s Employee App helps you automate important people management tasks and capture mandatory employee records more easily to meet your legal obligations. Available for Android and Apple devices.

If you’re still using paper-based personnel files, rosters, timesheets and leave requests then you’re doing it the hard way. You’re also wasting more time and money than you need to.

If you’re not keeping mandatory employee records for at least 7 years then you’re also exposing you and your business to risks such as big fines and penalties, damaging employee claims and expensive back-pay orders.

Free up your time and your office by implementing BetterHR’s Employee App.

How Better HR Employee App helps:

Better HR Employee App integrates seamlessly with Better HR’s HR software.

Its FREE for your employees with any HR Professional or HR Platinum subscription.

Benefits for business owners and managers:

  • Reduce administration costs and time
  • Add/remove employee access quickly and easily
  • View/check updates by employees to personnel files
  • Approve/reject timesheets
  • Approve/reject leave requests
  • View shift start and end times vs actual clock on / clock off times
  • View employee location at clock on / clock off times
  • View/export bulk timesheets for payroll
  • View/export bulk leave requests for payroll
  • Run payroll reports using timesheets/leave requests
  • View/edit HR records for employees
  • And more!

Benefits for employees:

  • Personnel Files – View/edit contact details, emergency details, photo, etc
  • Roster – View calendar of pending/approved work shifts, leave, etc
  • Clock on / Clock off – Start and end shifts. Record real time and GPS location
  • Add Timesheets – Add timesheets for ordinary hours, overtime, etc
  • Add Leave – Add leave requests and attach records such as medical certificates
  • Add HR Records – Add files and photos such as signed letters, drivers’ licence, trade certificate, compliance checks, etc
  • Contact HR – View contact details for your company such as HR, payroll, etc

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