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We’ve helped thousands of business owners and managers like you – and we’ve never lost a claim!

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Award-winning HR advice, tools & software

  • Manage people with confidence
  • Maximise workforce productivity
  • Minimise workplace risks
  • Avoid employment law breaches
  • Avoid fines, penalties & worker claims

We support thousands of business people, across almost every industry. And over 300 partners such as industry associations and franchise groups.

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Operate successfully

Everything you need. Fully-compliant.

Protect your business

Reduce risks. Avoid fines & penalties.

Save time & money!

Lower legal fees. Lower admin fees.

We help you operate successfully

People are your most important asset. They create your goods and services. They differentiate you from your competitors. They determine your success or failure.

BetterHR provides the HR advice, tools and software you need to maximise workforce success.

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We help protect your business

Australia has some of the most complex employment laws in the world. Business owners and managers who breach these laws risk costly prosecutions, expensive employee claims and back-pay orders, damage to your brand reputation, lower engagement and reduced productivity.

BetterHR provides the HR advice, tools and software you need to minimise risks.

We help you save time and money

Traditional HR can be expensive. Many businesses cannot afford to employ full-time HR professionals and/or employment lawyers to do it for them. Searching the internet for what you need, then checking to ensure its compliant, or developing everything you need from scratch, and keeping it up to date as employment laws change, can also be costly and time consuming.

BetterHR provides the HR advice, tools and software you need, when you need them, at the lowest price.

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Everything you need in a single plan

We make HR easier. By providing everything you need in a single plan. We offer a range of plans to help meet your business needs and budget. Choose from features such as:

  • Expert HR and Employment Law Advice
  • Dedicated HR Consultant/Outsourced HR Support
  • Award-Winning HR Software
  • Step by Step HR Process Guides
  • HR Records Management (Leave, Timesheets, etc)
  • Employment Contracts Wizard
  • Letters Wizard + Hundreds of compliant templates
  • HR Policy Templates
  • Employee Mobile App
  • Work, Health & Safety Registers (Incidents, Hazards, etc)
  • And more!

BetterHR provides everything you need in a single plan.

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Everything you need


Get everything you need for less than the cost of developing it all yourself and keeping it up to date every time laws change.


Complying with your legal obligations under Australian workplace laws is easier with Better HR.

  • Fair Work Act

  • Fair Work Regulations

  • Modern Awards

  • National Employment Standards

  • And more



Getting expert HR and employment law advice is easier with Better HR.

  • National Employment Standards

  • Modern Award Coverage

  • Pay Rates

  • And more

HR & Employment Law Advice


Keeping mandatory records to meet your legal obligations is easier with Better HR.

  • Personnel Files

  • Company Records

  • Employee App

  • And more

HR Records Management


Managing work health & safety is easier with Better HR.

  • Hazards

  • Incidents & Injuries

  • Consultations

  • And more

Work Health & Safety Management


Exiting workers correctly is easier with Better HR.

  • Termination & Dismissal

  • Redundancy

  • Restructuring

  • Transfer of Business

  • And more

Exiting Employees


Hiring people correctly is easier with Better HR.

  • Employment Contracts

  • Position Descriptions

  • Contractor Agreements

  • And more

Hiring Employees


Paying people correctly is easier with Better HR.

  • Award Classifications

  • Pay Rates

  • Time & Attendance

  • Rosters

  • And more

Paying Employees


Managing people correctly is easier with Better HR.

  • Performance

  • Training & Development

  • Licences & Registrations

  • Leave

  • And more

Managing Employees

HR Software

Australia's #1 HR Compliance System

Better HR makes it easier and more affordable to manage HR and compliance with confidence.

We’ve helped over 10,000 business owners and managers – and we’ve never lost a claim!

HR Software

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Don’t take our word for it. Let our customers tell you how much value they’ve received from BetterHR.


“Small cost for peace of mind.”


Vivo Cafe Group


“Better HR is absolutely priceless.”


Focus Engineering


“It gives you a sense of security.”


MSP Photography


“Delivered thousands in savings.”


Minol Australia


“It’s given us a streamlined approach and has standardised formats on ways to do things correctly.”

Captain Jan Becker

Becker Helicopters


“It’s a complete compliance system.”


Telstra Business


“Brilliant service.”




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