Over 25% of Hobart employers not compliant

Spot checks of employers north-west of Hobart have found over 25% are not fully compliant with their obligations under federal workplace laws.

Fair Work inspectors began assessing businesses in response to an increase in requests from assistance from employees in the north-west suburbs.

Auditing was carried out across a range of industry sectors, including restaurants and cafes, automotive repairs, hairdressers, retail shops and road freight transport.

Businesses were scrutinised to assess their compliance with minimum wage rates, overtime and weekend penalty rates, allowances, and pay-slip and record-keeping obligations.

28% of employers were not compliant with all their requirements, 14% were not paying their employees correctly and 16% were not meeting their record-keeping and pay-slip obligations. 10% of employers were asked to back-pay employees who had been short-changed.

Businesses found to be non-complaint will be re-audited as part of the Fair Work Ombudsman’s National Compliance Monitoring Campaign.  

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