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Styleicon Article


Everything from social media to JobKeeper.

2020 has delivered a unique set of challenges, for hair salons and for every industry in their own ways. For small businesses like salons, everything from the new JobKeeper rules to the elevated significance of social media and, importantly, employee wellbeing have been major factors for salons, as they try to manage HR and their salons at large.


After a survey conducted by Styleicons and BetterHR, we’ve identified the major HR issues salons are facing in 2020, with a pathway to address these concerns, thanks to BetterHR.


Social Media

In a year where business has been limited and restricted in unique ways, salons are struggling to use online social media platforms to attract new clients, as it becomes an increasingly major aspect of salon marketing. Due to Covid-19, customer behaviour and their buying journeys have moved online, making it more important than ever for businesses need to increase their social media activity and boost online presence to attract new customers. According to the survey, 67 per cent of respondents/business owners in the beauty sector claimed to have been running online ads to attract new business, showing how important this sector is to master. Obtaining professional tips on this marketing strategy can be a winning business decision.



JobKeeper has been the business term of 2020, as the rules have adapted to cater to struggling business, and evolved throughout the year. Salons and other businesses may be confused about JobKeeper 2.0, including in the eligibility and criteria to Jobkeeper 2.0 entitlements. According to the survey modern award entitlements and guidance on correct employee pay rates and JobKeeper entitlements have been the main concerns for business owners.

Seeking guidance from experienced and trusted HR providers can be crucial to understanding these often confusing rules and requirements. Obtaining the right advice from an experienced HR provider can make a real difference to a business’ bottom line.


Employee Wellbeing

Looking after your employees and paying attention to their mental health has never been more important. In a challenging year, it’s vital to keep employees motivated and positive. Particularly for salons that in lockdown in Victoria, staying connected with staff and checking in on their mental health can help support morale and maintain staff engagement when the lock down begins to ease.

More generally, over 50 per cent of salon owners have sought professional advice from HR providers and industry bodies on managing HR related matters. This has never been more crucial, so take care of your salon staff, your marketing opportunities and the details of JobKeeper with BetterHR to truly make a difference in your salon.


Author: Shannon Gaiz at Styleicons