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How a business runs today has changed and evolved over time and the way the human resources department manages your company has changed. In general the HR department of any company or business manages employee information, this includes skills, job, history, background and education and without the aid of computers this information was hard to manage. Thanks to Human resource information system software you now have a programme that is capable of handling all matters of employment and staff.

Better HR can offer technologically advanced Human resource information system software programmes for any size business. Gone are the days where software like this was run from large centralised main frame computers, the new Human resource information system software can be run from smaller computers making them accessible to everyone.

The payroll system is in place to see that all your employees are paid on time and the correct amount of money, the Human resource information system software collects all the information you need on an employee – overtime, hours worked, days off ensuring each member of staff is paid a correct wage. The Human resource information system software available from Better HR can also be programmed to track any *benefits* your staff may be entitled too – including life insurance, superannuation etc. Any benefits are an important part of salary packaging and Human resource information system software can keep track of this so staff are paying the right tax and are not over paid or underpaid.

The recruiting aspect of Human resource information system software allows your business to recruit new staff, or to at least take advantage of time to accumulate the resumes of prospective staff if a position becomes available. A lot of online recruitment is now taking place this allows you to sort through prospective employees without the need for days and days of face to face interviews. For all your Human resource information system softwareneeds contact Better HR today, they have a range of solutions for your business including management, support and training