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Are any of your employees covered by the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Award 2010?

Pay rates for some employees are gradually increasing under the Equal Remuneration Order made by the Fair Work Commission. The increase will apply in full by 2020.

Equal Remuneration Order – 1 December 2017

Although it’s seven years on from the commencement of the Modern Award system, certain sectors in certain industries continue to have transitional remuneration orders apply if they were previously covered by certain state and territory based Awards.

Employers and employees whose businesses are in the “social and community services stream” and or the “crisis accommodation stream“, and whose terms of employment are currently covered by the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Award 2010 may need to apply adjusted minimum wage rates effective from 1 December this year.

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What is required?

1. Check if any of the pre-modern state or territory Awards at the bottom of this page were applicable to your business and your employees before 1 January 2010.

2. If any of the listed pre-modern Awards are applicable, it is likely there will be adjusted minimum pay rate contained within the relevant pay guide on that page.

3. Review the relevant pay guide for application from 1 December 2017 to confirm if there is any necessary adjustment to your employees’ minimum rate of pay.

4. Any increase can be absorbed into over-award rates of pay and there will be no need for adjustment.

If the above points apply to your business, there will be adjustment to the minimum rates of pay twice a year. The 1 December 2017 increase as well as any increase from the Annual Wage Case decision that usually applies from 1 July each year.

This transitional process will continue to affect the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Award 2010 each year until 2020.

Pay Guides

The Fair Work Ombudsman has recently reviewed the pay rates for some employees covered by the Social and Community Services Award. This review has resulted in a number of rates being amended. Please check the rates in the pay guides below as they may have changed. You can use these pay guides for a summary of rates, penalties and allowances transitioning from the pre-modern awards below:

Author: Charles Watson, Senior HR Advisor, Better HR

Date: 24 October 2017

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