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Are you facing an unfair dismissal claim from an employee?

Being faced with an unfair dismissal claim is something that many businesses fear.

An average unfair dismissal claim costs an Australian employer approximately $13,500, according to the Productivity Commission.

Sadly, its very easy for an employee to make an unfair dismissal claim. The employee justs needs to go online, fill out a form, pay a small fee and the process starts.

The first an employer often knows about an unfair dismissal claim is when they get a notice from the Fair Work Commission demanding a response within seven days.

Its important to get expert advice at this stage. Expert advice can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It can also help minimise potential damage to your brand later when your other employees and customers find out about the claim.

Better HR team of HR and employment law experts can help you respond effectively with either a strong argument for why the dismissal wasn’t unfair, or why the Fair Work Commission should not hear the application for unfair dismissal on predural grounds.

The Fair Work Commission will then set dates and times for handling the matter, usually within a month of your response being received.

A conciliation conference is then scheduled, usually by phone, which provides both parties the opportunity to discuss the case with a Fair Work Commission representative.

Better HR team of HR and employment law experts can represent clients in Fair Work-related proceedings.

Where necessary, our consultants will seek leave to appear on your behalf as a ‘paid agent’, pursuant to the requirements of the  Fair Work Act 2009.

Need Help With An Unfair Dismissal Claim?

Better HR’s team of HR and employment law experts have a strong record of success in helping Australian employers.

Call our friendly team on 1300 659 563 or online contact form.