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New laws are now in effect which expose franchisors to higher penalties if their franchises breach employment laws and record-keeping obligations.

Higher Penalties Now Apply

Companies who seriously breach the Fair Work Act now face a maximum penalty of $630,000 per breach. Individuals face a maximum penalty of $126,000 per breach.​

Recent Prosecutions

Penalties for Franchises

Better HR Can Help Protect You & Your Franchises

​To avoid big fines and penalties franchisors must:

  • 1. Audit all franchisees on an annual basis to determine if they are compliant with Australian employment laws.
  • 2. Prepare a detailed HR Compliance Report each year to highlight any areas that the franchisor need to focus on to meet their legal obligations.
  • 3. Provide all franchisees with a HR and Compliance System that includes everything they need to achieve best-practice HR management and full-compliance with Australian employment laws.
  • 4. Provide training to franchisees to help them understand their legal obligations and what they need to do on a day to day basis to achieve best-practice HR management and full-compliance with Australian employment laws.

Better HR’s HR Platinum subscription provides everything you need to manage HR and compliance. ​Used correctly, it can help you:

  • – Save time and money
  • – Avoid big fines and penalties
  • – Minimise damaging employee claims
  • – Maximise workforce productivity.

Better HR’s HR Platinum subscription includes:

  • – Employment Contracts
  • – Personnel Files
  • – HR Letters & Forms Templates
  • – HR Process Flowcharts
  • – HR Records Management
  • – Plain-English Law Guides
  • – Expert HR Advice
  • – WH&S Management
  • – And more!

Trusted By Thousands

​Better HR is trusted by thousands of users and over 300 partners including many well-known Australian franchises.​

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