Greenfleet’s Newest Supporter

Better HR Becomes Greenfleet’s Newest Supporter

By David Bates, MD, Better HR – Australia’s leading HR and employment relations service for employers

I’m proud to announce Better HR’s formal alliance with Australia’s most trusted carbon offset provider, Greenfleet.

Better HR operates a virtual office, with employees working from home offices around the country. By saving our employees from the daily commute, we not only reduce stress for our people, we also avoid unnecessary carbon emissions.

Becoming a formal supporter of Greenfleet’s carbon offsetting program was a logical next step for us. Greenfleet has a proven record of helping Australian employers reduce their carbon footprint. And just like Better HR, they were the pioneers in their field. We’re proud to be connected with their brand.

Hundreds of respected organisations already trust Greenfleet to offset their carbon emissions by planting biodiverse forests around Australia. Leading Greenfleet supporters include Telstra, Ferguson Plarre, Europcar and Monash University. I’m pleased our business has joined some of Australia’s best known organisations by associating itself with Greenfleet and working towards a greener and cleaner Australia.

Better HR’s support for Greenfleet will ensure all carbon emitted by our day-to-day operations will be effectively offset.

While the link between HR and the environment may not be immediately clear, ours is a small business with a big commitment to ethical practices. Our mission is to protect Australian employers, and we believe this means we should protect the environment we share as well.


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