Feature Updates: New & Updated Policy Templates & Letter Templates

New Updates to Policy Templates, and Letter Templates:


With COVID-19 posing a unique set of circumstances for businesses this holiday season, we’ve added new as well as updated ‘Policy Templates’ to prepare your business for any situations that may arise. These ready-to-use templates cover leave arrangements, to employment absenteeism, to remote work, and drug & alcohol testing and policies.

Don’t spend valuable hours building workplace policies from scratch, implement our ready-to-use policies in your workplace. You can find these new and updated templates in the BetterHR Portal, simply click ‘Documents’ in the top navigation, and then click ‘Policies’.


New & Updated Policy Templates:


  • Working from Home Policy – Helping you your business become remote work ready. Here’s a template that guides company and business policies for staff working from home.


  • Code Of Conduct – BetterHR’s Contract Wizard includes this Code of Conduct.  You may wish to introduce further workplace policies to suit your individual business needs.


  • Drug And Alcohol Policy – Policy covering the consumption of alcohol and use of illegal drugs in the workplace.


  • Covid-19 Pandemic Policy – Use this sample to develop your own policies specific to pandemic related practices and procedures.


  • Personal/Carer’s Leave Policy – This policy sets out the process of approving paid and unpaid Personal/Carer’s Leave in accordance with the National Employment Standards.


  • Absenteeism and Abandonment of Employment Policy – This policy sets out what is expected of employees in terms of their attendance at work, and what notification is required for any absence from work.


New & Updated Letter Templates:


  • Medical Opinion – Employee Release Letter, Request from GP Letter – Letter templates for when you require medical certificates.


  • Termination of Employment – Unsuccessful Completion of Probationary Period – Should an employee be unsuccessful in passing their probationary period, this letter template will help you manage the communication and meet requirements needed for termination of their employment.

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