Over $390,000 in employee underpayments recovered in WA Audits

The Fair Work Ombudsman has recovered over $390,000 in wages and entitlements for employees in Western Australia following recent campaigns.

Fair Work inspectors audited the time and wage records of 148 businesses in Armadale, Kwinana and Rockingham in Southern Perth, as well as 147 businesses across Albany, Denmark, Manjimup and their surrounding regions.

39% Non-Compliance Rate in Southern Perth

Of the 148 businesses audited in Southern Perth, 39% were found to be not complying with their obligations under Australian workplace laws.

The campaign found that 26% of these businesses were not paying their workers correctly, and 19% were not complying with pay slip and record-keeping obligations.

Inspectors uncovered a total of 92 individual breaches across 57 businesses. A total of $40,391 was recovered for 73 workers in the region during the campaign activity.

An additional $300,491 was recovered after the agency brought proceedings before the courts in respect of three businesses audited during the campaign.

The legal proceedings related to two Han’s café franchisees – Phua and Foo Pty Ltd, who operate a franchise in Armadale, and Tac Pham Pty Ltd, who operate a franchise in Rockingham – as well as Rockingham-based security company Sureguard Security.

The three businesses were penalised a total of $161,270 as a result of the court actions.

52% Non-Compliance Rate In Albany-Manjimup Region

In the Albany-Manjimup region, 52% of businesses were found to be non-compliant, with a total of 106 individual breaches identified across 76 businesses.

34% of businesses audited in the region were not paying their employees correctly, while 28% had record-keeping and payslip breaches.

Back-payments totalling $47,379 were recovered for 147 local workers from 28 businesses.

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