Over 600 hospitality employers found guilty of breaching employment laws

As part of the second wave of the Fair Work Ombudsman’s National Hospitality Industry Campaign over 52,000 employers (cafes, restaurants and catering services) were recently contacted.

Over a thousand employers (1066) were asked to supply their 2012-13 time and wages records for assessment.

A total of 879 individual errors were identified at 615 businesses.

Almost 20 per cent of mistakes related to weekend penalty rates.

A total of 456 businesses were found to have short-changed 2752 employees more than $1.215 million.

Only 42 per cent (451) of those assessed were found to be fully compliant with their workplace obligations.

The National Hospitality Industry Campaign was split into three sub-sectors – accommodation, pubs, bars and taverns; restaurants, cafes and catering services; and take-away foods.

Results of the first wave of the National Hospitality Industry Campaign for pubs, bars, taverns and accommodation houses were released in December, 2013.

Just over 100 employers were required to back-pay $367,000 to 629 workers found to have been short-changed their minimum entitlements.

Of 750 businesses audited, only 515 (69 per cent) were found to be compliant.

In 2008, a national hospitality campaign involving 664 employers saw more than $1.6 million in underpaid wages and entitlements returned to a total of 4679 workers across the country.

Nine regional compliance programs involving the hospitality sector were also undertaken between 2010 and 2012 which returned $680,421 to 2271 workers who had been short-changed.

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