Spot checks for 250 Queensland businesses

The Fair Work Ombudsman will audit up to 250 businesses in Cairns, Innisfail and the Cassowary Coast over the next three months as part of a new campaign.

Fair Work inspectors will check that employers are paying the correct minimum hourly rates, penalty rates, allowances, loadings and providing appropriate meal breaks.

Compliance with record-keeping and pay slip obligations will also be monitored.

The campaign will focus on businesses located in and around Cairns, Bungalow, Portsmith, Manunda, Innisfail, Mission Beach, Tully and Cardwell.

Businesses in a range of industries will be assessed, including cafes and restaurants, superannuation funds and fast food services in the Cairns region.

Fruit, tree nut and sugar cane farming and fishing will be among the industries focused on in the Innisfail and Cassowary Coast region.

All businesses will be randomly selected.

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