Australian Women Hit Hardest During Covid-19 Pandemic

While all Australians have been affected by the pandemic, there’s clear evidence that Australian women have lost jobs and/or hours of work at a greater rate than men.

About 55% of the 600,000 jobs lost in April were held by women, even though they accounted for only 47% of the workforce.

More than 100,000 women have left the labour market, with female participation falling to 60%, compared with 70% for men. When the number of women unemployed is combined with those who worked zero or fewer hours than normal (taking non-scheduled caring leave), the number rises to two million.

Women have experienced the worst job losses during the COVID crisis, the number unemployed rising to almost 50% per cent, compared with 41%.

Impacts may be varied across different populations within Australia.

There’s also evidence of exploitation in the workforce of migrant workers, with 33% of the Fair Work disputes relating to hospitality and temporary visa holders, while international students were left unsupported by government job subsidy schemes.

Source: Monash University – There’s a fundamental need to reverse the ‘pink recession’

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