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As the number of Australian organisations being prosecuted for underpaying employees increases, how can you ensure your organisation remains compliant with changing employment laws and modern awards?

Organisations found guilty of underpaying employers risk reputational damage, negative public sentiment, declining workplace morale, poor staff retention, costly fines and back-pay orders.

Changes to Modern Awards

With modern awards and employment laws constantly changing, there is a significant risk that organisations could inadvertently be underpaying their employees.

There are 122 modern awards in Australia, and most workers are covered by one of these awards.

Non-compliance can occur from a variety of causes, such as:

  • Not classifying employees under the correct modern award
  • Not accurately recording work hours, including start and finishing times, meal and rest breaks, and overtime
  • Not correctly accruing leave entitlements
  • Not providing the correct penalty rates or allowances
  • Not providing compulsory national employment standards
  • Not calculating annualised salaries correctly
  • And more!

BetterHR helps you reduce the risk of non-compliance

BetterHR software, tools and advice can help organisations minimise compliance risk by providing the HR software and tools you need to manage things like time and attendance efficiently and effectively, as well as the expert HR advice you need to interpret awards and other employment laws correctly to pay people their lawful entitlements.

With the right HR software, tools and advice in place, organisations can reduce the risk of non-compliance and maximise their chances for organisational success.

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