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The Australian Government has passed the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Secure Jobs, Better Pay) Act 2022. This legislation amends the Fair Work Act to change a number of existing rules and introduces a range of new workplace laws. The new laws start on different dates.

The Secure Jobs Better Pay Act amends the following Acts:

  • Fair Work Act 2009
  • Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009
  • Fair Work (Transitional Provisions and Consequential Amendments) Act 2009

The amendments will commence in stages over a 12 month period.

Date Amendment
7 December 2022 (the day after Royal Assent)
  • Objects of the Fair Work Act, modern awards objective, minimum wages objective
  • Equal remuneration
  • Prohibiting pay secrecy
  • Anti-discrimination and special measures
  • Termination of enterprise agreements after the nominal expiry date
  • Sunsetting of “zombie” agreements
  • Initiating bargaining
  • Dealing with errors in enterprise agreements
  • Communications to be available in multiple languages
6 March 2023
  • Prohibiting sexual harassment in connection with work
6 March 2023, or an earlier date to be fixed by proclamation
  • Expert Panels
6 June 2023
  • Flexible work and unpaid parental leave requests
6 June 2023, or an earlier date to be fixed by proclamation
  • Enterprise agreement approval and the Better off overall test
  • Bargaining disputes, industrial action, supported bargaining, single-interest employer authorisations, varying enterprise agreements to remove employers and their employees, and co-operative workplaces
  • Absorb the functions of the Registered Organisations Commission
6 December 2023, or an earlier date to be fixed by proclamation
  • Fixed term contracts