New Feature: Return to Work Checklist

It’s been a strange year. As the world has reacted to the many challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us have found ourselves in situations that we never imagined were possible.

At the start of the pandemic, many Australian states and territories went into lock-down. Business owners and managers were forced to stand down workers or instruct employees to work from home.

Now, as states and territories finally open their borders and public health orders begin to ease, many businesses are requesting their staff return to the office.

This is not necessarily an easy task as employees have now enjoyed the comforts of working from home for almost 6 months.

So that you may direct your staff to return to the office lawfully, we have created a return to work checklist which ensures that you have a covid safe workplace and that you also have considered any reasonable requests such as flexible working arrangements by returning employees.

Subscribers can access the ‘Return to Work Checklist’ for free.

Simply, login to your BetterHR subscription and go to either:

1. The ‘Managing’ section > ‘Return to Work’

2. The ‘Documents’ library > ‘Checklists’ > ‘Return to Work Checklist’

Subscribers can also contact our team of qualified employment lawyers and HR professionals for advice and support as needed.

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